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OMG I'm restarting. [15 Oct 2004|11:46am]

Ok Ok Ok, I noticed this place died along time ago. So I'm restarting. If anyof you guys still read this PLEASE PLEASE contact me VIA AIM: Sesshomeru13 or CelestialArika and tell me weather or not you want to play still. I'm changing a few things, like no character journals and certain rules and such. Also, if you would love to help me, PLEASE PLEASE help me promote this community to others so that we can replace any players that no longer wish to play.
I will love you forever.

<3 Yuna-chan!
Also, I will be posting as arikaangel from now on. So don't be scared if you see a stranger posting like a mod or something.

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Finding What's Wrong. [08 Sep 2004|05:39pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Rikku ran as fast as she could to Yuna, Paine trailing behind, occasionally calling out for her to slow down.
"Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!" Rikku yelled the whole time, waving her arms about. Finally she found her.
"Yunie," she said, panting. "It isn't my batteries! Machina is going out every where! We have to do something!!!"

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Morning [03 Sep 2004|09:26pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

There seems to be a rule that people don't like mornings, and I'm no exception to that rule. Mornings weigh on me, because the dreamworld that I inhabit while I sleep, at least now that I'm back on Spira, is the Farplane.

It's the only time I get to see Jecht and Braska.

I got out of bed groggily, swaying slightly as I pushed the covers off my legs. Today would be important, but not so important as to not practice my morning ritual of stretches and excersizes with my katana, Murasame.

"Sir Auron?" The door opened slightly and a priest's head popped in.

'Not again,' I thought. 'Fifth time this week,'
"Yes?" I replied irritably.

"The Lady High Summoner Yuna has arrived and wishes to see you." he replied, proceeding to scurry off, shutting the door behind him.

I sighed and got dressed quickly. Yuna would probably want to see me as quickly as possible.

I shut the door behind me and left to find her.

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Fixing time! [24 Jul 2004|12:05pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Rikku stepped into the small shop; the near millionth it seemed like to her. Her and Paine had been all over the place, trying to find someone who would fix her beloved blender. Everyone seemed to be unable to fix it, or closed.

"Maybe you should just buy a new one," Paine said, sitting down and taking her boots off, rubbing her feet.

"I can't buy a new one!" Rikku said. "This blender and I have had wonderful memorise together! I'm not giving up now!"

Paine sighed.

"Just make this the last one," she said. "God knows what Yuna might need help with here..."

"Fine, fine," Rikky said. "This will be the last one...for today!"

She walked up to the counter, the man there looking bored.

"My blender isn't working," she said. "C--"

"You and everyone else," said the man. "You would think so much broken machina would be good for our buisness, but it isn't if you can't fix it."

"What?" asked Rikku.

"Broken blenders, toasters, microwaves -- you name it, it's been braking. Bet it some of those people who still belive machina is the work of the devil -- ruining buisness for us Al Bhed and ruining our machina."

"So this has been happening everywhere?" Rikku asked, throwing a glance at Paine. She shrugged.

"Yup," said the man, taking the blender. "I'll try and see what I can do, but don't blame me if I can't get it fixed."
Rikku nodded and left the shop with Paine.

"Did you hear that?" she asked. "Machina all over the place isn't working!"

"Heard it loud and clear," Paine said. "We better go tell Yuna or something. I bet the whole thing with the aeons might be part of it."

Rikku nodded and they both walked off in search of the summoner.

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[23 Jul 2004|10:16pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Its been quite these few days. Kimahri's wounds seem to heal fine. Kimahri has been watching Issaru now, keeping an eye on him making sure he doesnt do something out of control that will put people in danger. Issaru keeps pacing around more often these days, apperantly worried about Yojimbo's behavior.

Cid on the other hand kept keeping to himself with his odd Al-bhed gizmos. He built his own little shop in Kimahri's cave for fixing machines and the like, but Cid decided to close it down for a few days until he makes some new machines that he says can help in some stuff. Kimahri still wondered however why he needed that one pyrefly.

Cid slowly walked towards Kimahri and asked "Kimba! hows it goin buddy?"

"what do you want Cid?" Kimahri asked as he still watched Issaru pace up and down.

"straight to busniss eh? well...ok...well..where is the best place to find pyreflies of dead people?"

"farplane" Kimahri answered now looking at Cid.

"nah! see the farplane is just a memory place...you think of...err..nevermind you wouldn't understand...well...got any other place?"

"pyreflies up at Zanarkand...Zanarkand to dangerous for Cid to go alone."

"well..then..can't you send a few of your warriors with me? i promise i'll be back at the end of the day..im going to need you them later on anyway..."

"Kimahri want to know hidden plan...Kimahri won't let you have 5 warriors if you dont tell secret.."

"ok fine...how about one big guy...i mean...he's good enough! actually can you make it two guys?....pleaaaaase?"

Kimahri bugged by this argument finally gave him the two warriors.

The next day came and Kimahri called out for two warriors. Yenke decided to join Cid's journey to Zanarkand to finally see things for himself. Another new recruit in their line of warriors was Genye. She was sure to make the ronse proud in her fighting skills.

Kimahri looked at the two warriors and gave them instructions "Genye...Yenke...take care of Cid...no harm come to him"

"Comon you guys!!!flies a'waiten!!" yelled Cid.

Both warriors bowed and left along with Cid.

Kimahri returned to the cave to talk to Issaru. As he entered he noticed a letter.

"i have left for Bevelle, all i can do you is more pain to you and your family, and endanger your people. you don't need to worry about me friend, I am going to seek out more summoners to ask for help. If i meet Grand Summoner Yuna, i shall inform her of your situation.

your dear friend


As Kimahri ran off to the entrance of the cave. He saw Cid and his guards bend down as if hiding from Kimahri. All three of them were crawling their way to the vally's of the Calm Lands.

Kimahri went back insinde his cave and layed down to rest. A slight pain could be felt from bending down. As he rest his head down on his bed he realized something.

"Issaru go to Bevelle, Cid to Calm Lands..." Kimahri then drifted to sleep.

Then suddnely out of shock he thought outloud in a yell"what Calm lands?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?"

Kimahri then passed out from the pain in his stomache.

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Landing [19 Jul 2004|05:41pm]

Yuna took in a a deep breath of fresh air. Being on the airship always reminded her of her journeys to find Tidus.
"Nice air ship you guys got here" Tidus emerged from behind her.
"Yeah. It's actully RIkku's" Yuna smiled. It felt odd being on the same ship she once used to search for him, with him.
"Rikku owns this?" He examined the area around them, which he soon found out was the Brige.
"We're landing!" Brother shouted over the overhead speakers so everyone in the ship could hear.
"Alriight!" Rikku was the first to jump out of the airship, Then Tidus and the everyone else.
"Back to bevelle." Tidus said to him self, then walked away. Yuna noticed.
"Common, it isn't all that bad. Everythings changed. Even Yevon."
"What are they now? New yevon?" He said sarcasticly.
"Yes." Yuna Responded. That wasn't exactly what he wanted to hear. But now wasn't the time for that.
Yuna grabbed him by the arm and pulled him along. With a big smile on her face she said, "Common let's go!"
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HEY! [19 Jul 2004|03:40pm]

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[17 Jul 2004|09:36pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

I looked up as Rikku wandered onto the deck of the Celsius, still clutching her blender forlornly. The wan expression on her usually chipper face stirred sympathy in my heart, and I pushed it back, chiding myself for my weakness. “No luck with getting it to work?” I asked her.

She sighed. “Nope. I wouldn’t mind, but I really feel like a banana smoothie, and this cost me 200 gil! And I had to repair it myself!”

“Maybe there’s a machina expert in Bevelle who can help?” I suggested. Talking about mundane problems like Rikku’s blender was a welcome distraction from contemplating the problem with the fayth and the collapsed temple. The agonised, furious expression on its ghostly face and the murderous behaviour of the usually docile Valefor still churned in my mind, unnerving me.

I kept Hi-Potions, Phoenix Downs and my Full Throttle dressphere on me at all times these days.

The wind whipped through my short, silvery locks and teased Rikku’s blonde braids as we hurtled ever closer to Bevelle. Rikku perched on the silver gull fixed to the metallic floor of the deck and sighed. “I sure hope so,” she replied to my statement. “But, Paine?” she added timidly. “Could you come with me?” I don’t wanna go anywhere alone in case I meet any fayth that’re all…” She tapered off, contorting her face and clawing at the air in front of her with her fingers to impersonate an ‘evil’ fayth.

I sighed inwardly. I sympathised with her reluctance to go anywhere alone, but surely there were bigger problems at hand than Rikku’s blender? Yuna would need all the help she could get.

Then again… With all of her original guardians to help out, and then Baralai and whoever else around, too, maybe we’d be crowding her.

“Okay, Rikku. When we get to Bevelle, we’ll hop a couple of Chocobos and see what we can find.” Rikku shot a beaming, force-fifty smile at me, and I smiled in response. “But only if Yuna doesn’t need us.”

“Aww, thanks, Dr. P!” She launched herself at me in a hug. I steadied her and disentangled myself as soon as I could, embarrassed by the display of affection.

“Yeah.. whatever.”

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Summoned to Bevelle [16 Jul 2004|10:04pm]

As everyone started to leave the little meeting Yuna had with the villagers of Besaid, Baralai stood up, since he was sitting on a rock far behind the crowd. He walked towards Yuna and pulled her aside.
"Lady Yuna, last night before I had gone to bed, I received a call from Bevelle. They have asked me to go there because they need my help. I cannot give you any details on what they need me for, but I will surely see you when you come." He said.
"Oh, well, ok. I understand, please go, and I shall meet you there soon." Yuna replied.
"Thank you." Baralai said with a small "New Yevon" bow.
"Yes'm." Yuna replied as Baralai turned around and walked the path towards the beach.

As he walked, Baralai could hear several of the villagers whisper to each other things like "Is he leaving? He's only been here for a couple of days.", "What's he doing here anyway?", and "Who's that? I've never seen him before.", but Baralai kept walking past them, thinking of what was going to happen in the future.

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Now what? [16 Jul 2004|08:14am]
Yuna was standing in a huge field. Fiends all around. But she wasn't worried. She never was. She was strong enough to handle them all. Plus she had har faithful aeon, Shiva. Yuna summoned Shiva and ordered Diamond Dust. Shiva did as she was told, but this time it was different. Shiva turned towards Yuna and snapped her elegant long fingers. A huge chunk of ice plumeted from the heavens.
"What..?" Yuna was in shock. She could hardly move. "Shiva NO!" As the ice block drew closer Yuna ran, only she didn't. Her legs wouldn't move. She looked up as the boulder like ice block slammed down with such force it shook everything. There was a loud rumble then it stopped

Yuna slammed up in her bed. "No!" She screamed. Gasping for breath Yuna ran for the door, but stopped. 'Was it just a dream?' she thought. 'No, the rumble was real' Yuna heard the panicked voices of the villagers. She pushed back the curtains and ran to the source of panic.
She starred wide eyed at the huge pile of bricks toppled on the floor.
"What happened?!" She ran to Wakka who was already at the scene.
Yuna couldn't belive her eyes. She wanted to cry, she wanted to fall to her knees. She wanted to scream!
This was the very place where she first became a summoner. The very first temple she ever stepped foot in. Her father's first temple. Everything sacred to her was in that temple. And now as she starred at the lump of dusty bricks, then at the villagers who were also in shock, then at Tidus and Paine's guilty faces, she realize she couldn't break down right then and there. She had to be strong.
"Yuna." Wakka put a hand on her shouder. "I don't understand how this could happen." He looked over at Tidus, sword in hand. "You! Didn't Paine tell you not to go in there? Eh? And Paine, You planed this ahead didn't you? I can't belive this" Wakka grabbed his hair in frusteration.
"No' Yuna stared at the rubble. "It's not their fault."


As daylight broke more and more people started wakeing up, and seeing the mess for the first time. Even Rikku.
"Whoa! What happened here? was it that tremor I felt?"
Yuna walked away towards the edge of the hill where she sat to think. 'What am I supposed to do? We're leaving for Bevelle and I can't leave the people here, to live with the memories of some thing that no longer remains.' Yuna put her hands around her knees and held them close to her body. For the first time in months she cried. She was so confused. Everything was happening to so fast. 'I just want everything the way it was.' She cried more, just thinking about everything that's happened in such a short amount of time.
"You can." Tidus starred down at her. He had guilt in his eyes. "You said you want everything to go back to normal right? Well you can. Just be strong."
Yuna looked up at him then back at the skyline.
"Remember when you told me you had to keep smiliing for the people of Spira? What's so different now than back then?" He sat down next to her. Drawing his knees close, just like her. "Just smile and everyone will be fine. Like always. Remember?"
Yuna remembered. She remembered how she hid the paine with a smile. "Do you think it would work?"
"It did then right?" Tidus leaned back on his hands staring at the sky. It was enough to make them forget about everything that was going on. Untill wakka came up behind them.
"Yuna. You need to go calm everyone down. It's getting restless, ya."
"Uh huh" Yuna dried off her tears and walked towards the center of the village. She stood in front of everyone and took a deep breath.
"Last night something terrible happened. I don't know how, but the temple collapsed." Yuna stopped just enough to see the worry on the people's faces. "For years now it has been a place for relief, a place to go when you needed answers. But since it is gone now, we must depend on eachother for relief. You need to be strong for everyone else." Yuna decided not to mention how it was happening in places besides Besaid as well. "Me and my guardians must go to Bevelle today to look into this more. But when I am gone, you must, once again, be strong." That started up murmurs from the people.
"Lady Yuna, what about the temple?" Some villagers asked.
Yuna hadn't thought of that.
"We will take care of it." Four men stepped out from the crowd. "Lady Yuna, if it's ok with you, may we take care of the cleanup?"
"Are you sure you want to do that?" Paine asked. "It is a big job afterall"
"That was our sanctum, we wouldn't be more happier if we atleast got to clear the remains of the temple."
"Very well, You are in charge of the mess." Yuna turned towards the HUGE pile of rubble. She took one last look at the villagers and headed off towards Lulu and Rikku who were standing outside the tent.
"Yuna, you know we leave tonight. Are you ready?" Lulu asked.
"I am, But I'm not sure about everyone else." Yuna Lulu and Rikku looked off towards Paine, Tidus and Wakka who were sifting through the mess. Looking for the mysterious creature they seen the night before.
"We leave in two hours" Lulu inquired. "The Celcius will pick us up at the shore."
"Alriiiight!" Rikku shouted, then ran to get ready.
Yuna looked more at the temple's remains. 'I hope this is the only temple in Spira that's been hit.' She thought as she walked towards Paine, Wakka and Tidus.
As she got there she over heard them saying something about Auron being in Bevelle.
"Sir Auron will meet us in Bevelle?" Yuna asked surprised.
"That's the plan. But you never know" Wakka added as he walked off to conversate with Lulu.
"I wonder what led him there." Tidus said as he walked off to have some time alone.

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[16 Jul 2004|04:28pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Kimahri stood over Issaru who was laying down still not believing what happened. Cid was in the cave with them too...but was in one corner working on something. whenever anyone got near he would just shoo them away. They all let Cid be after he became really angry with them.

"Kimba!! are pyrflies catchable?!?!?!?!" Cid boasted at kimahri.

Kimarhi shot him a glare "dont think so.."

"but there might be a chance we can catch one right?"

Kimahri just looked at him.

"Alright!!!! Issaru wanna summon another big guy on the field for your ol' buddy?....issaru?"

Issaru wasnt where he was before. Kimahri noticed a figure going out of the cave. He dashed towards the entrance. There he was Issaru stood there watching Kimahri exit the cave. Then he started waving his hands in rythems until pyrflies started appearing.

"no" uttered Kimahri "not now!!!!"

Kimahri dashed back in to call Cid.

Cid ran out of the cave to watch the summon, but as he neared the enterance he bumped into a large black figure. As he looked up it was none other than Yojimbo again. This time Yojimbo wasnt standing up as usual...he was kneeling down, and his dog was missing. Yojimbo turned to Cid, got out his shurikens and aimed them at him. Yojimbo threw them at Cid. Kimahri jumped out of the cave right at Cid pushing him to the ground. Yojimbo stared at Kimahri, he stood there summoning something. A large sword was taking form infront of him. Kimahri stood on guard while Cid was figiting with his gizmo.

Yojimbo stood up clutching his sword. Both his hands gripped his new sword and he lunged towards Kimahri. Kimahri jumped on the mountain and over Yojimbo pushing him at the mountain. Yojimbo's face finally knew the true power of rock. He turned his face back at Kimahri. Kimahri ran from him. Yojimbo soon followed with his sword clutched in his hand ready to strike when he got close. Cid followed the mad aeon with his gizmo.

Kimahri soon reached a dead end. He turned around meeting a sharp piercing pain in his stomache. Yojimbo's face seemed to have a slight look of pleasure of his murder. Kimahri stared at his new sword thats within him. He could see some blood drip into the white snow. As he gazed at the sword he realized something. It was pahsing again. Yojimbo noticed it too. His eyes gave look to anger. Kimahri showed signs of relief. Yojimbo took the sword out of Kimahri and it turned to pyrflies. He watched as his body turned to pyrflies. Issaru could be seen in a corner unsummoning him. Cid however Was found jumping up and down within the pyrflies trying to catch one. Kimahri started walking towards Issaru then fainted.

As Kimahri opened his eyes he realized a sharp pain in his stomache. It was no dream as he had hoped. Issaru popped up into view.

"good to have you back friend" Issaru said with the biggest smile.

Issaru's head then wobbled and dissappeared followed with a thud. Cid's head popped up instead now

"Lookie here what i caught!" Cid said, and his eyes stared with glee.

As Kimahri turned to look. He could see a single pyrfly stuck in a jar.

"I cought one!!!"

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Besaid Village, Nightfall [15 Jul 2004|02:47pm]

[ mood | horrified ]

He had been waiting for night to fall. For Yuna to go asleep. That was when he could go and find out what was going on with the temple.

As darkness settled, he quietly slipped out of his and Yuna's hut and made his way up to the temple doors, sword in hand. The village was empty, everyone abandoning all worry for the comfort of sleep. Only a single torch burned beside the temple entrance, lighting the path.

Nearing the temple, he spotted Paine leaning against the wall, watching him approach. He slipped his sword behind his back and put on a cheery grin.

"Couldn't sleep?" Paine asked.

"Um, yeah. Worried and all, y'know?"

"Right." She stood up straight and lifted her sword. "And I'm a chocobo trainer."


"Alright, alright. I was going to check it out."

She nodded. "So was I. And I figured you'd show up. Two heads are better than one."

"Really? You were...waiting for me to come?"

She turned away from him and opened the door quietly, looking back over her shoulder and mumbling, with a wry half-smile, "Don't let it go to your head, blitz boy."

"Bah." He pushed past her and slipped through the doors. Paine followed with the torch held in her other hand.

"Should we check the Cloister?" she whispered.

"Yeah. And probably the Chamber of the Fayth as well."

Together the two of them made their way through the Cloister of Trials, wary for any sign of movement. Surprisingly, there were no fiend attacks or anything of the like. Even as they reached the Chamber of the Fayth, they weren’t intercepted.

Paine set her torch on a hook in the wall, then stepped up to the door. It slid up, the silk coverings slipping to the sides to allow entrance. Tidus entered first, on guard for anything.

There was nothing.

He relaxed and glanced around the chamber. It was dark inside, too dark to see anything. He could…sense something there, but very faintly.

“I’ll grab the torch.”

Paine returned a moment later with the light in her hand. It was then that they saw the figure in the middle of the room, laying over the Valefor seal. Tidus leaned closer, trying to see it better. Transparent…a fayth?

“Help,” it whispered, reaching a hand up to him. He stepped back quickly.

“Why are you here? The fayth faded-“


Tidus turned to Paine and shrugged. “It doesn’t look like it’s going to say anything of use to u- woah!”

He stumbled back as the fayth jumped at him, face contorted into a mask of rage. It tried to bite at him, but merely sunk straight through his body and hit the floor on the other side. Tidus stared at it in shock.

“Help!” it snarled at Tidus, before dissolving into a shower of pyreflies. They floated around the room once, and then just faded away. A strange occurrence for pyreflies.

“Is…something wrong with them?” Paine asked, looking around blankly. Tidus shrugged and motioned for her to follow him out. They slipped through the silk hangings, dragging their swords along. Tidus suddenly froze, Paine bumping into him when he did. “What’s the big idea, blitz boy?”

He pointed forward to the center of the waiting chamber. In the center, crouched down low, was Valefor, her eyes scanning over the two Spiran’s warily. Her normally fiery red feathers and skin were now a dull black, making her look sickly.


She was up in an instant, dashing towards them with a murderous roar. Tidus didn’t know what to do- he threw his sword out in front of them. It impaled the aeon, halting her for merely a second. Paine took the chance to get around her, calling for Tidus to follow. He wrenched his sword from Valefore’s chest and slipped through the space between her and the wall.

Together he and Paine shut the doors on the aeon. For good measure he pushed a stone pedestal up against it, then joined Paine on the lift up. They could hear Valefor crashing around still, her roars shaking the temple itself. “She’s gonna start attacking the door,” Paine mused as they jogged through the Cloister of Trials.

The whole temple was literally trembling as they reached the lobby. A few dazed looking priests had come out, still in their nightclothes, to find out what the disturbance was. Reaching them, Tidus opened his mouth to explain, but was cut off as a particularly large shudder passed through the temple walls.

“Get out,” Paine said. Tidus glanced at her, puzzled. “Get out!” she shouted, waving to everyone as she ran for the exit. The priests and monks followed, crowding in the village square as they fled. Tidus made sure the last of them was out, then joined them.

And, as they watched helplessly, the Besaid temple shook once more, then collapsed.


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What the hell? ...... [13 Jul 2004|07:39pm]
Yuna stood back watching Tidus practicing his swordsmanship in the village square.
"Wanna try" He handed the sword to her. Yuna just stared wide eyed at it. She used that sword. She used too, with her warrior dressphere. It was so heavy, yet strong. Yuna looked up at Tidus. She grabed the sword while placing her hand over his as she did. She stared into his eyes. Deeply. "I, uhhh...." He stuttered as he put his hands behind his head. How was he supposed to react? Wakka could be anywhere. Even in the bushes. Yuna stared harder just as she was about to move closer the earth shoock with such violent force it knocked them to their feet. Yuna dropped the sword and after 15 seconds of the trembeling Paine's voice could be heard from the temple.
"Yuna! Rikku! Get your butts up here, now!"
By the time Yuna and Tidus got there Rikku was already there holding her beloved blender.
"Whats going on?" Tidus turned to Paine.
"I was comming to the temple to investigate but aparantly I'm not welcome."
"You mean it wont let you in?" Yuna aforementioned. They all stared at the entrance, wondering who was daring enough to enter.
"I'll go." Tidus put in.
"Sure you can handle it alone?" Paine nugged him in the ribs.
Yuna stared in horror. 'How could this be happening? This is supposed to be a place of refuge, not a place to fear.'
"What's going on?!" Yuna shouted aloud, unaware she was saying her thoughts.
"Well, Should we go in?" Rikku looked over at Paine.
"No. We can't risk another earthquake, if we did go in and there was one, we would be trapped inside. No one would ever know."
"What should we do? We can't not allow villagers in here. I don't want anyone to worry, telling them not to enter the temple could cause panic." Yuna, for the first time in quite a while was confused on what to do.
"Yunie, they might already be worried, we're not the only one's who felt the tremor remember?" Rikku gently put her hand on Yuna's shoulder. "Talk to them, tell them not to worry. They'll understand."
Yuna starred into the sky. That was easier said than done, Yuna wanted peace. Not action but peace, when it came down to her family and villagers, she really wanted them safe. "Ok."Yuna nodded. "I will calm everyone down."

The murmurs of the village were starting to pick up.
That night everyone was restless. Everyone and everything. Yuna had to get some sleep, she needed to be strong once again for the people. If they saw her worried everyone else would worry. They still looked up to her as the strength of everything around. And some have even begun calling her 'high summoner Yuna' again. 'I must be strong!' Yuna thought as she drifted off into a restless sleep.

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To Bevelle [14 Jul 2004|06:59pm]

A light breeze played with my coat as I strode through the Calm Lands. The usually decrepit lands ravaged by battles were now lively, filled with festivities and people.

People who weren't used to seeing dead men walking through their midst.

They cleared a path for me while I made my way toward the chocobo stable. I paid no attention to the gasps of amazement, the reverent bowing, and all the other foolishness culminating beside my path.

My mind was focused on a single objective: Getting to Bevelle to speak with Yuna. Her Aeons must have been acting up; after all, I had been sent from my rest in the Farplane to-

"Excuse me, Sir Auron?" A questioning voice distracted me from my thoughts. I stopped in mid-stride and turned to my right. Barthello, Summoner Dona's Guardian, was standing there.

"Yes?" I replied stoically.
"I won't ask why you've returned. Indeed, it is a great wonder you have. But I must ask you, as a Guardian of great import, to help Dona." He seemed on the edge of breaking down into tears.
"The Aeons, sir. There's something wrong with them, and it's affecting Dona."
"Bring her to Bevelle. We'll talk there."

I left him and continued to make my way to the stable. Upon arriving, I payed the chocobo master, who stuttered as he thanked me, mounted the chocobo, and rode south.

To Bevelle.

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a pre-strike... [15 Jul 2004|02:17am]

Kimahri stood there...waiting. Waiting was all he could do. Its already been a few days since Biran had left to seek Yuna. He had a feeling he had to act quickly, even if it meant Yuna wasn't there. Walking by the statue that was built in his honor, he noticed a red mark behind it. As he looked to investigate the red mark disappeared. Kimahri ignored it, thinking it was his imagination. Holding a spear in one hand, he thrust it into the mountain two times, signaling an assambly of warriors. All warriors assembled to hear out their leader. Issaru and Cid can be spotted within the crowd. "Biran not arrived yet with lady Yuna?" Kimahri asked.

Silence was his answer. He continued. "Issaru..come.." he said pointing in the crowd somewhere and he approached. "Issaru I need you to summon an aeon for me...can you summon Yojimbo?"

"yes i can" Issaru replied.

"If situation gets bad...warriors..." Kimahri continued.

"you know our job" Cid boasted out loud.

Kimahri nodded at Issaru and the warriors to show them he's ready.

Issaru took his time summoning Yojimbo. As Yojimbo approached the area, you can tell something was diffrent. His color...it was diffrent, Black and red. All warriors took a step back, even Issaru. Issaru worked the courage to go up to it...as he did Diagoro attacked him. Kimarhi lunged at Diagoro with the spear thrust forward. It impaled Diagoro for some time, until Diagoro phased. He was still visible, yet physically not there. Kimahri walked up to it and slashed at it, but no physical contact was made. Yojimbo turned around at Kimahri and got out his Wakizashi. Hacking with it at him. Kimahri with every blow blocked with the spear. He knew that the spear would break soon. How soon he couldnt tell.

"SEND IT BACK!" shouted Kimahri

Issaru still dazed at his aeon stood there watching.

"SEND IT BACK!!!!!" many warriors jumped in at this time. Many clawing their way into the aeon, but Yojimbo simply knocked back many of them.

Cid ran to Issaru and shook him hard. Issaru shook his head and realized the situation. He hurridly unsummoned Yojimbo. Yojimbo turned at Issaru and was about to strike. As Yojimbo struck, he started disappearing, his Wakizashi turned to pyrflies, and he stared into his Wakizashi and then into Issaru's eyes. Issaru stared into those red eyes till they were no more than pyrflies

"get ready warriors!!!" boasted Kimahri "we will face these men more often"

Kimahri looked back at Issaru. Issaru stared, still not believing his aeon had betrayed him.

Kimahri looked into the crowd of shocked warriors with a face of determination.

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Investigation... [14 Jul 2004|07:10pm]

[ mood | uneasy ]

Wakka awkwardly suggested someone should check out the temple, since the aeons and the fayth were fundamentally one and the same. I was surprised he could be so astute, but masked my astonishment and volunteered for the job – alone. I had my sword, and my sword was all I needed.

Mulling over the current situation, I wandered through Besaid village and up towards the temple. I had never been a staunch supporter of Yevon, had even travelled with a group of Al Bhed traders back before the whole Crimson Squad incident, and so had never really entered the temples that much. However, unease compelled me to walk out of the warm sunshine and into the cool, darkened sanctuary of prayer.

Since the uniting, if that was the right word, of New Yevon and the Youth League, the only thing keeping the temples alive were the aeons that had returned mysteriously after Vegnagun’s defeat. Perhaps the fayth had tired of dreamless slumber in the Farplane and had instead come back to guard the righteous. There were many theories.

Now that the fayth, and therefore the aeons, were back in residence, people came to the temple not to worship and curry favour, but as a mark of respect and thanks to the souls that had given up their lives so that Sin might be defeated someday. The religious fervour was replaced by quiet reverence.

Why were the aeons weakening? Was there something wrong with the fayth? Some new evil about to arise? Even Sin lacked the power to sap the aeons’ strength. What was going on?

I frowned at the doorway blocking entrance to the Cloister of Trials, debating whether to go in and investigate. Before I could take a step, however, the question was answered for me.

A violent tremor shook the earth, unbalancing incense holders as a chill wind whipped around the temple interior, extinguishing the burning sconces on the walls. In the pitch darkness, I sensed a malign evil, one I could never hope to defeat alone, strong and armed as I was.

Sunlight streamed into the darkness from the temple door, and I lunged for it, sprinting down the walkway towards the village. Behind me, the sense of evil receded as I drew breath and yelled, “Yuna! Rikku! Get your butts up here, now!”

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Tournament.... Yuna... [14 Jul 2004|11:13am]

"Why does something bad always happen when a tournament comes around..." The thought echoed in Wakka's mind over and over as he stood listening to Yuna's speach.

At the end of the speach, Wakka put his hands behind his head, gave a chuckle, and spoke, "Hah, Say, think we could make a quick stop in Luca and catch the tournament?" He knew the answer, but atleast he put it out in the open.

Then he wished he didnt. Lulu slapped him upside the head, and he quickly tried to recover. "Hey, hey I was kidding, ya?"

"You didn't sound it..." Lulu said as she folded her arms.

Wakka folded his arms and gave Lulu a smile. "I'll put Jassu in charge of the tournament, that way I can help Yuna out worry free, ya?"

"Lu," Wakka said as something came to mind. "are you going with Yuna?"

"Of course I am, why?" she replied rather surprised.

"It's just, If you and I are with Yuna, who is going to watch our son? I don't want him on that airship, its dangerous."

Lulu gave him a smile. "Don't worry, I'll take care of it."

Wakka returned the smile, and returned to the issue at hand.

"Yuna, I'm ready to go when you are, but..." He folded his arms. "You say your Aeons are acting up. Maybe we should visit the fayth in the Besaid Temple, ya? Or maybe not, haha."
He scratched the back of his head and laughed. "I never was a good leader!"

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Off to work! [13 Jul 2004|07:23pm]
After talking to Tidus this morning Yuna had made up her mind to go to Bevelle. But she had to tell the others, and wasn't entirely sure what they would say. She knew Wakka had signed up for the tournament in Luca, and she didn't want to disturb him from his training. Lulu had a child to care for, Vedina. Rikku wouldn't mind and neither would Paine. She knew Tidus would want to go for protection. Kimahri would most likely tag along.
"I guess I'm going to have to go." Yuna walked down to the shore unsure of how she would tell everyone.
"YUUUNIEEE! My Blender! It wont blend!! Fro hud?" Rikku ran up behind Yuna. "How am I supposed to make food?!" Rikku was whining.

"Your blender, it just needs some batterys."

"But it doesn't run on batterys!" Rikku sobbed. "I think it has something to do with the aeons."

"The aeons!" Yuna was surprised to hear Rikku mention it. Especially after she told her not to when she over heard her and Baralai's conversation earlier. "Rikku, I have to go to Bevelle. To find Issaru. But I'm not sure if anyone will want to come with me." Yuna sat down outside the entrance to the not-so-secret cave. RIkku followed.

"Don't worry Yunie. Have they ever abondened you before?" Rikku put a convincing hand on Yuna's knee.

"You're right. But still, everyone thinks thatthe problems are over. They settled down, they don't want to travel spira allover again."

Rikku winked. "Hey Yuna, they didn't the first time. Don't worry, I'll go break it to them."

"Thanks RIkku, is it alright if I come too?"

"Sure why not? After all, you're gonna have to explain it to them right."

Rikku gathered everyone to the village square.
"Ahem! Yuna has some important information she wants to share with us" Rikku stepped aside so everyone could see Yuna.
"Hey Rikku! I thought you were going to do it." Yuna whispered.

Rikku shruged. "They seem to take bad news better from you."

"Bad news?" Lulu spoke. That got everyone concerned.

"Ok, I have something to say."

Rikkugave Yuna a thumbs up for good luck.

"I'm going to Bevelle. To visit Isaaru."

"Yunie's aeons are acting up!!" Rikku jumped in.

"So you want us to come with you, ya?" Wakka put in.

"Of course we're going, we can't just let her go alone." Lulu said concerned. "Yuna, I think it's safe to say thateveryone will come along for your protection." Lulu looked around at the weary group. "Am I right?" Lulu asked everyone.
Lulu was responded with a more then anxious crowd, much to Yuna's surprise.

"When will we leave?" Paine asked.

Yuna put her hands behind her back. "When everyone is ready"

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Around the Right Side of Besaid Temple, Sunset... [13 Jul 2004|04:51pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Impatience getting the best of him, Tidus had given up his calm, patient waiting in the town square and decided to practice his sword fighting instead at the training ground near the right side of the temple. Yuna would know where to find him; if she didn't, she'd probably hear the grunts of exertion regardless.

He spun and slammed the Brotherhood's blade against the wooden training block. It shuddered under the hit, but didn't fall. Growling, he hit it again, then sliced it straight down the middle. A moment passed, and then the two halves fell apart from each other.

Tidus grinned and stepped back, thoroughly satisfied. That's a first.

From behind he heard a sound, the snapping of a twig, and whirled around, blade held ready. Yuna was standing in the clearing, holding a treebranch out of her face.

"Mad?" she asked, haphazardly smiling.

Tidus shook his head and let his sword drop into the ground, point first. "Just blowing off some energy, y'know?"

She nodded and stepped forward, clasping her hands behind her back. "Sorry for taking so long. I didn't think it would be sunset when we were done talking."

Tidus shrugged and plopped down on the ground, waiting for Yuna to sit beside him. "If that guy- what was his name? Baralie? -came all the way from Bevelle...well, it probably had to be important, right? Alot more important than swimming with me or whatever." He smiled, but Yuna didn't return it. Instead, she was gazing out over the water to the East. "Something wrong?"

Startled from her reverie, she jumped slightly, but still didn't look at him. "Um. Sort of."


She sighed. "Baralai thinks I should go to Bevelle with him to speak to Isaaru and the other summoners."

"So why don't you?"

Wearily, Yuna sat down beside Tidus. "I don't know why it always has to be me fixing all the problems," she mumbled. Tidus laughed, much to her chagrin.

"I thought you wanted action!" he exclaimed, jumping to his feet and making a fist.

"Well, I do-"

"So what is this?" he asked as she stared up at him. Finally she hopped up beside him and grinned.

"It's action!" she answered.

"Right! So..."

"So...I should go to Bevelle."

Tidus nodded and retrieved his sword from the ground. "C'mon. Lets go tell Baratie-"


"-whatever. Lets go tell him that we're on the case." Yuna nodded and turned to go back through the trees. Tidus grinned. "I'll go find Paine and Rikku and tell them, okay?" She waved a hand over her shoulder and dissapeared into the foliage.


Tournament... Tournament... [13 Jul 2004|04:06pm]

"Ok team, Ive got somethin to say, so get over here!"
It was a beautiful day on the shore of Besaid, perfect conditions for Blitzball and naturally Wakka could think of nothing else. The tired, sweaty Aurochs stumbled next to Wakka and sat down.
Wakka stood straight and started, "Alright guys, Ive got some good news for ya". He flashed a quick smile as the sighs of the team reached his ear. "Yeah, I know most of my good news isnt that good... but this one is really good!" The team sighed and let him continue.
"Now, I know I promised that I was done with Blitzball forever," Wakka said as he started pacing back and forth. "But, this year Luca is holding the biggest Blitzball tournament ever!" The ears of the team perked up at the sound of another tournament. Wakka smiled as he saw the reaction.
"Yeah, so I signed you guys up, and..." Wakka scratched the back of his head. "I was... hoping you guys would... let me be your captain again, ya?"
The entire team jumped up in exitement. "Captain Wakka is back!" Jassu yelled as he shoved his fist into the air. "It will be just like old times!!!"
Very pleased with the outcome, Wakka folded his arms and gave his first order. "Alright, if were gonna win, were gonna need to practice, ya?" The team nodded. "Then start practicing!!!"

After practice ended, Wakka was still wearing the same smile he had started it with. Walking home, a familiar voice came from behind him. He turned to see Tidus running twoards him, waving his arms and smiling. "Wakka, Congradulations!" Tidus said as he tryed to catch his breath. "Jassu told me your the captain of the Aurochs again, and you entered them in the Luca tournament!" Wakka put his hands behind his head and smiled. "Ya I did!" Tidus shot him a smile, and there were a few seconds of awkward silence. Wakka knew exactly what was on his mind, and decided to stop playing around with him. Quickly putting Tidus into a headlock, Wakka laughed and said, "Dont worry Blitzball Ace, I signed you up as an Auroch too". Tidus squirmed free of Wakka's grip and started to fix his hair. "Haha, thanks Wakka." When he was finished brushing himself off, Tidus looked at Wakka with a more serious expression. "Wakka, have you seen Yuna lately?" "Last I saw her she was talking with Balarai," replied Wakka. Wakka watched as looks of worry and concern passed through Tidus' face. Come to think of it, Wakka hadn't given it much thought himself. The appearance of Balarai and his secret talk with Yuna... something was happening Wakka realized, as he started putting peices together. Wakka put his hand on Tidus' shoulder. "Hey, no worries, ya? Im sure she will let us know whats up when shes ready." Wakka gave Tidus the warmest smile he could, along with a pat on the shoulder. Tidus nodded and thanked Wakka as he walked away.

Whatever was going on, Wakka would deal with it the next day. As for tonight, it was time to tell Lulu the "Good News".

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